Go into All the World

A few years I had a dream.  When I woke up I first thought that it was just some silly dream but "GOD" gave me the interpretation of the dream, what meant and now when I even think of it I weep.

In the dream: I was by myself, walking through a beautiful green meadow, in knee high green grass. It was an absolutely beautiful day, a sunny blue sky, a gentle breeze was blowing, the birds were singing… and THEN I heard a woman screaming, "HELP! HELP!", somewhere to my left.

When I turned, I saw that this woman was in the middle of a small lake and that she was DROWNING.

I was quite a distance away but RIGHT next to her and the next to this lake was a small raised roadway, made of dirt. On it were a number of young men, walking along the roadway and walking alone, not with each another. They were all about the same age and all of them were dressed with slacks on with a white shirt, no tie and their sleeves were rolled up. Kind of like Yuppies getting serious about making some money in the stock market.
You could tell that they were really intent and intense about what they were doing. Walking BRISKLY back and forth on this road. However, I never saw them really doing anything?

Since they were so close to the drowning woman I hollered at them, "HEY, HEY. There is a woman there, drowning." Again and AGAIN I hollered at them but it was to no avail. It was as if they were deaf and couldn't hear me.

I then lifted up and flew across the meadow to the lake to save the woman. It was as if I had some power to fly just above the ground and out over the water, to where the woman was in the middle of the lake.

When I got there she had gone under. I could see her just below the surface of the water. I reached down, into the water and grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up.

I was like hovering above the water, in an erect, standing position, and I was holding her up, by the shoulders, where she was in front of me, also in an upright position.

She had pure black hair, a very fair complexion and she was very beautiful. I remember thinking, "She looks familiar to me." Like an old friend, that I hadn't seen in a long time. Somehow I was pretty sure that I knew her but I couldn't quite remember who she was.

She was turning blue, spitting and sputtering and could hardly breathe. She started talking, saying, “Help me help me! Save me! Breathe into me. Breathe LIFE into me."

The dream then ended and I woke up. It was about 9 o’clock in the morning. It happened to be a weekend and my wife was home. I went downstairs to have breakfast and forgot about the dream until we started eating. When I remembered the dream I started to tell it to my wife. At that moment the Lord showed me that it wasn't a silly dream and gave me the interpretation of it. Even though I didn't ask and even though I thought it was silly.

It turned out to be probably one of the MOST significant points in my life (more on that later.)

The woman that was so familiar to me WAS "The Church". The young men, who were so busy and working so hard, are all of those who are so BUSY in the ministry. Busy going to and fro but accomplishing next to NOTHING. They ARE deaf to the Spirit, deaf to the Church and deaf to the truth.

The CHURCH is "RIGHT THERE" next to them, and she is dying and they don't even know it. In fact they are contributing to her demise.

Remember in the Book of Revelation where the Dragon chases a woman with twelve stars on her head and at some point the Dragon OPENS up his mouth? What comes out of his mouth? Water? Not the waters of life but words.

Check it out. Time and time again THE Word or words, in the Bible, are referred to as water, either as waters of life or bitter waters of death.

It says that when he, the Dragon opened up his mouth that a FLOOD of water came out of his mouth, to destroy her.

And so it is with the Church TODAY. The Lady is drowning in WORDS. A word here and a word there. Here a teaching and there a teaching but… WHERE is there LIFE? WHERE? Sadly, for the most part it is not to be found. No one is willing to pay the price. They prefer to play games, to play church rather than do as Jesus said, "Take up your cross, deny yourself and lose your life." It is a life for a life. If we DO NOT lose our life for the Lord then we have NO LIFE, no LIFE of God [Greek zoe #2222, the Life of God], See also 'Salvation or Life'.

These men, on the raised roadway, were working very hard. They had their sleeves rolled up, and you could tell that they were very conscientious. They were good honest, hard working men.

The small raised roadway, made of dirt, however, is something man made, made of CLAY. All it does is lift THEM up, by something that THEY themselves have built, where THEY are higher than most and can be seen by everyone else. See me, look at me! And they are seen as working so hard, for God.

Also, even though there were many men on this road way they all walked alone. Not together. Reminds me of all of our local churches. Most pastors will never speak or fellowship with other pastors, because of fear. [I am not against pastors I have had many as friends, and have heard them say some of these things that I am speaking about.] They are really in competition with each other, and are afraid of losing some of their sheep, which they NEED to support them, and their church.

The Lord has said that to GAIN life you must lose it. A paradox? No, no, NO!

You MUST lose YOUR life in order to save it, BY GAINING His Life. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. He gave His life for me. I MUST now give my life for HIM, Rom. 12:2. A life for a Life.

The Lord continued by saying, "These men, who were walking on the road, who are so busy in THEIR ministries, they COULD not save her because they have "NO" life to give her." They have knowledge and seminary training. They can teach but even what they teach does not give life, it is old manna that has not life in it.

We can ONLY give WHAT we have. If we do NOT die we will not live and if we do not LIVE, by His life, then we have NO life to give.

WHAT are we giving today, words, a teaching? I don't care how good the teacher is that we read his books or how good the teacher is that we listen to (even Thompson). THEY cannot give us life. They might point us in the right direction but in the end WE must GO this way.

They may be like it says in Jer. 6:16, Watchman who stand by the way (ancient paths), at a fork in the road and say, "This is the right way. Go this way."

Jesus said that there are ONLY two ways (black & white - narrow minded). We are criticized for being "narrow minded"! Actually that is OK! For Jesus also said that ONLY the NARROW way "is the way that leads to Life". The goal is Life. Not rules, not going to church, not reading my Bible, not going to heaven, no matter how good these things might be! THE WAY leads to LIFE.

Gal. 2:20, "I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me."

That is not JUST for Paul or the Apostles but also for every Christian.