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The Early Church

Are you are hungry for more? Is there MORE? Your not sure but you do KNOW that you are hungry!

There has been a great deal of talk about NEW TESTAMENT Church over the last few hundred years, especially since the Reformation but very few instances that actually practiced New Testament Church!!

What is New Testament Church?

Some who call themselves N.T. Churches apply this name based on incorrect  or incomplete principles, such as, "We teach and practice the WHOLE Bible."  I wish that were true.  I would move and join that Church in a moment.  However, we can show that, in most cases, this is not true.

Another way some say it is, "We exercise the N.T. gifts of healing the sick and casting out demons" or "We meet in homes, like the New Testament Church did" or "We have an Apostle and Prophet over our church."  Those are good but DO NOT make a New Testament Church!  Also I have met some of these "SELF appointed" apostles and prophets.

I have read (70+ books), studied and researched the early Church for more than 30 years now.  Doesn't mean I know it all but I do know enough to share and teach about what it was, and compare it with what we are doing today.  God said to Moses, "Build everything according to the pattern I have shown you..."  Heb. 8:5 and Exo. 25:40.

The institutional , ecclesiastical hierarchy and system that we find in almost all of the churches cannot be found in the New Testament.  It can be found in the world and it is in fact a 'World' system of government and control.  Constantine brought it into the Church in 312 AD. Didn't exist before that!

Why does God say in Acts 15:16-17, that He will restore the Tabernacle of David?  "'After this I will return and I will rebuild the tabernacle of David which has fallen down. I will rebuild its ruins, and I will set it up, so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, even all the Gentiles who are called by My name, Says the Lord who does all these things.'" .

David's Tabernacle was 'OPEN' to everyone, twenty four hours a day.  It was not restricted to the priests only as the Tabernacle of Moses and the Temple were. This is what New Testament Church is to be like and it is pictured by Paul in Corinthians and Ephesians.  Open for all, everyone can minister to the Lord, and to one another in Psalms and songs, a teaching, a revelation, a word of knowledge, etc.

However, in all of this God says "HE" will do it.  What I have seen so far is men trying to do it.  I do not condemn them.  I am glad that they have a heart to see the New Testament Church restored, so do I and so does God.  But when it happens it will be GOD who does it, not men.

Unless God build the house (church) they labor in vain who build it.

Jesus said, " will build MY  Church"

BEFORE God will do these things though we must learn to apply II Chron. 7:14, which includes, "Humble your-SELF", "Seek My face [God's will], and "REPENT!  Repent of what we have done, repent of what we have built, repent of our finger pointing and divisions (over 10,000 denominations at last count)!  Should I go on?  You get the point.


Last Updated:   June 28, 2012

(More to come)